HCG drops have helped numerous people to achieve natural weight loss in a relatively short period of time. But with many different types of HCG diet drops available on the market, it can be difficult to determine which is the best to buy.

The quality of these HCG drops can vary significantly. The strength and potency of the HCG solution will determine its efficacy in producing rapid weight loss.

Make sure that you buy HCG drops from a reputable company to give you the best possible chance of achieving your weight loss goals.

Nowadays, you’ll find that the market currently is flooded with many new sublingual drop providers. You can take time to research which product and program will work the best for you, but, our advice is not to waste too much time exploring any other brands.

Our products have been in this industry for more than 9 years. This means we have reached the maturity of the business and gained customer trusts.

Our diet plan provides a natural way to induce rapid weight loss without the hunger cravings usually associated with dieting.

HCG drops can be consumed by placing them underneath the tongue. This is an area of the body which is dense in capillaries which allows the HCG it to be absorbed by the body quickly. hCG eXtreme drops for weight loss is admissibly produced in FDA (Food and Drug Administration) registered laboratory.

HCG is an extremely effective weigh loss method, however you will need to take care of two things:

1) Always check the ingredients (find more about this below)
2) Follow the diet when taking HCG – this will increase drops’ effectiveness dramatically.

HCG drops – how to choose?

First of all, congratulations on taking this very first step! You may think that your journey is only starting, and it's true, but you have already done a great job by choosing the best method to cut excess weight.

Unfortunately, too many people never end up taking a real action, but constantly read reviews, researches, etc. So, part of your journey is already behind if you decided to read further. Before taking HCG, it’s important that you pick the right product. Currently there’s a plethora of different HCG drops and we will do our best to guide you and help pick the right ones for you.

Always check the ingredients

If the bottle doesn't list ANY ingredients. DON'T use it! It's not worth putting your health at risk and if it doesn't list the strength of the hCG & other ingredients you're wasting your money.

Secondly, you'll be looking at the ''active + inactive ingredients''.

hCG eXtreme Drops are made with the following

Active ingredients:
Human Chorinoic Gonadotropin 6X, 12X, 30X, 60X
Arginine 3x, 12x, 30x
L-Carnithine 3x, 12x, 30x
Ornithine 3x, 12x, 30x

Inactive ingredients:
Acai Berry 3x, 12x, 30x
DI Water
20% Ethyl Alcohol

The numbers have to do with the dilution process of homeopathic remedies. The lower the number, the stronger the dilution (ie less diluted). Most all homeopathic hcg is either 6x, 12x, 30x, 60x or 12x, 30x, 60x

The Alcohol in the HCG is placed in our product, for a preservative. This causes the HCG not to require refrigeration. It will not kill or harm the HCG.

Consider US-based ​companies & products only

First thing you should know: buy only from US-based products & sellers and drops which are produced in the US. This way, you will be sure that the solution you buy is manufactured according to FDA-approved process and meets the highest quality standards.

Don't get into the trap of buying a cheaper product from shady local South-African producers. It really is cheaper compared to the drops from legit sellers, but the risk of taking unknown substance is huge. Not only will there be no HCG inside (which means it will be absolutely useless to help with your goal of losing weight), but its contents can be harmful for your health.

Where does HCG come from?

Our HCG is manufactured in the USA in a licensed FDA approved facility. Authentic HCG only comes from within the United States. They utilize the highest standards to compliance protocols as well as manufacturing Kosher and Organic products. In addition, we provide homeopathic remedies that are made with individual care using traditional methods complying with current Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). We implement high quality standards for the manufacturing of the remedies in strict accordance with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Optimal reliability and reproducibility of the dilutions is guaranteed by the standardization of the manufacturing processes. Utilizing a time tested process; we rely on over 20 years of experience in the nutritional supplements to produce top quality products.

hCG eating plan - TIPS + HINTS

hcg drops snacking tips

The hCG Diet is a protocol of not just food, but mental preparation as well. This also involves planning of how you are going to handle the day-to-day situations that will derail you, the roadblocks you may come across, and how you are going to handle them. People will ask you questions, be prepared to plan your meals…etc.

Take the time to memorize the protocol and make sure your schedule is ready to take on your new diet. Spend time planning your meals and shopping for the foods allowed on the protocol.

In the beginning it is best not to totally rely on your memory and check every meal against the diet list before starting to eat.
Keep a food diary with everything you eat and the times it was consumed. Include your morning weight and how much was lost from the day before. Track your liquids (variety and amount). Try to keep a running account of calories so you ensure your remain within the 500 calories. Since you will be eating many of the same things, it is great to buy and cook your meat portions in advance. It saves time in the long run and helps you stick to the diet.

It’s great idea to keep a few “snacks” readily available for when a craving hits:

• Slice up an apple and mix Stevia with cinnamon and dip the apple slices.
• Create a strawberry smoothie: ice water, strawberries, stevia (optional), lemon juice (optional).
• Crunchy snack: celery sticks OR cucumbers
• For the fast meal: precook some chicken (weigh your portions first) and wash and dry full heads of lettuce, store these in the refrigerator. These preparations ahead of time allow you to prepare a quick dinner of chicken salad. Make a dressing out of lemon, apple cider vinegar and fresh pepper. This is great when you want an enormous portion, it's difficult to eat too much lettuce (low calories).
• Don’t be afraid of hunger because hunger is a feeling (physical sensation) not a fact.
• Remember that the HCG is providing more than enough fat and nutrients to meet your needs.

Love & Light

Love your body
♡ hCG Weight Loss Products S.A.



We all know the popular saying “Health is Wealth”.
Good health keeps us always happy and gives us a feeling of being complete, physically, mentally, socially and intellectually.
A good health keeps us away from the diseases and health disorders.
The loss of good health causes loss of all happiness.
A great freedom fighter, Mahamata Ghandi has said that “It is health which is real wealth and not prices of gold and silver”.

B & A hCG eXtreme Results

No matter how unmotivated you are.

Marinda’s weight loss results will get you amped!

Sometimes people can feel unmotivated because they lose sight of why they're making changes in the first place.

𝕎𝕙𝕒𝕥 𝕨𝕠𝕦𝕝𝕕 𝕓𝕖 𝕪𝕠𝕦𝕣 𝕓𝕚𝕘𝕘𝕖𝕤𝕥 𝕞𝕠𝕥𝕚𝕧𝕒𝕥𝕚𝕠𝕟 𝕥𝕠 𝕝𝕠𝕤𝕖 𝕨𝕖𝕚𝕘𝕙𝕥?


How the hCG diet helps you lose weight quickly, healthily and permanently in 6 weeks

Most diets start because you have a special event or an important occasion that you want to look good for, or a health concern which needs to be addressed with fast, effective weight loss.

And one of the first questions that people ponder when they plan to lose weight for a special occasion is how much weight they can lose in a specific time frame.

There are many methods of fast weight loss and when time is of the essence there’s no need to put an effective diet in the too-hard basket. As you approach six weeks before your event or occasion, you still have enough time to drop those all-important kilos before your deadline approaches.


Choose the right diet for fast weight loss

The hCG diet has been proven time and time again to be one of the most successful weight-loss programs discovered to date. If you need to lose weight quickly and safely, the hCG diet can help you achieve weight-loss of up to 15kg on a 44-day plan (30 day drops & 2 weeks maintenance) but without the concern of putting weight back on after the initial hard work is done. Here are some of the reasons the hCG program is one of the best diet options for losing weight in 6 weeks:

It’s common to want to lose weight fast for a special event

The hCG program teaches your body how to use fat stores as energy

Phase 1 of the hCG diet involves eating lots of healthy fats which loads your body with good fat reserves that your body can draw upon for energy while alleviating hunger during the first few days of phase 2.

Phase 2 is the rapid weight loss phase. Maximum weight loss calls for a total avoidance of simple carbohydrates and oils while consuming 500-calories a day from the approved list of lean protein, vegetables and fruit. However, this is not a low calorie diet as your body will source all the additional calories it needs from your abnormal fat stores ensuring it receives all the essential nutrients it requires to remain healthy while still losing the most weight possible.

This process will liberate fat stores and reset the hypothalamus (the body’s master gland that also controls weight), so that it doesn’t continue to store calories as long term brown fat, but instead as short term normal fat.


The hCG program focuses on a holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle

Phase 3 of the hCG diet is low starch, low sugar. You will lock in your new weight set point and learn how to keep your weight loss permanent. Foods are gradually re-introduced, giving you a chance to monitor how your body reacts to certain types of foods and to identify what foods should be avoided or kept to a minimum. As protein consumption is increased, this is the perfect time to increase your exercise and show off your new body. It is these changes which will ensure that an overall healthy lifestyle is maintained from the day you take your first drop for the rest of your life.

The 30 day hCG eXtreme drops (perfect for losing weight in 6 weeks) includes not only the drops but also meal planners, and calorie counters. It has everything you need to lose up to 15kg in 44 days, you may repeat as often as you like and maintain a healthy weight range for the rest of your life.


Quick fix diets come back to haunt you

While many quick-fix diets are common when you need to lose weight in a hurry; following a soup diet, carb-free diet, or any other fad plan just doesn’t work in the long term. They cut out food groups altogether and your body needs those foods to survive. It is after a short, sharp burst of weight loss that the cravings start which ultimately leads to a vicious cycle of falling off and getting back on the wagon. This is not only counter-productive to your results, but can also be detrimental to your health.

Your body requires very little food to become fit, energised and healthy and combined with appropriate exercise, the program will help you move to a much healthier lifestyle.

Whether you have a special event or an occasion that you need to lose weight quickly for; or perhaps you’re looking to kick-start a long-term weight loss goal, the hCG diet is guaranteed to give you results quickly, with long lasting effects if the nutrition guide is followed.If you’d like to trim down quickly and you’re ready to get started, why not check out our program options today.


Don't give up. There is no failing with an weight loss plan. There are certainly variations of success, but there is no failure. Like anything else, chalk it up as a learning experience. What was it that made you slip? Figure that out and you'll know how to avoid it the next time.

Something else, learn to like clean eating. If you can't figure out how to enjoy clean eating, this is going to be an uphill battle for the rest of your life. You learn to enjoy clean eating by doing it. Taste is an acquired sense. The more you practice clean eating, the more you'll enjoy it and the less you'll crave of the junk in the first place.

Start with meals you like. If you like steak, eat a lot of steak. If you like crab or seafood, spend the money on it and eat it more regularly. Explore the internet and try different recipes. Get your kids involved. Make it something the whole family can get behind. Why sacrifice when you can learn to love a healthy lifestyle? Don't work hard, work smart.

Just use it as a learning day and jump back on plan. Do not let it derail your success. Don't buy into the guilt of food. Food is something we have to sustain our bodies, it should not rule us. The scale is also a tool, it's just a number. So you went off plan....try and figure out WHY you went off plan. Did you forget to plan your meal; succumb to a night out with family or friends; or are you in a stall and depressed the scale is not moving. When you know why you ate incorrectly, you can make sure to correct it so it doesn't happen again.

Our advise--stay off the scale. Eat as clean as you can and move on.

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