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hcg drops snacking tips

The hCG Diet is a protocol of not just food, but mental preparation as well. This also involves planning of how you are going to handle the day-to-day situations that will derail you, the roadblocks you may come across, and how you are going to handle them. People will ask you questions, be prepared to plan your meals…etc.

Take the time to memorize the protocol and make sure your schedule is ready to take on your new diet. Spend time planning your meals and shopping for the foods allowed on the protocol.

In the beginning it is best not to totally rely on your memory and check every meal against the diet list before starting to eat.
Keep a food diary with everything you eat and the times it was consumed. Include your morning weight and how much was lost from the day before. Track your liquids (variety and amount). Try to keep a running account of calories so you ensure your remain within the 500 calories. Since you will be eating many of the same things, it is great to buy and cook your meat portions in advance. It saves time in the long run and helps you stick to the diet.

It’s great idea to keep a few “snacks” readily available for when a craving hits:

• Slice up an apple and mix Stevia with cinnamon and dip the apple slices.
• Create a strawberry smoothie: ice water, strawberries, stevia (optional), lemon juice (optional).
• Crunchy snack: celery sticks OR cucumbers
• For the fast meal: precook some chicken (weigh your portions first) and wash and dry full heads of lettuce, store these in the refrigerator. These preparations ahead of time allow you to prepare a quick dinner of chicken salad. Make a dressing out of lemon, apple cider vinegar and fresh pepper. This is great when you want an enormous portion, it's difficult to eat too much lettuce (low calories).
• Don’t be afraid of hunger because hunger is a feeling (physical sensation) not a fact.
• Remember that the HCG is providing more than enough fat and nutrients to meet your needs.

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