Don't give up. There is no failing with an weight loss plan. There are certainly variations of success, but there is no failure. Like anything else, chalk it up as a learning experience. What was it that made you slip? Figure that out and you'll know how to avoid it the next time.

Something else, learn to like clean eating. If you can't figure out how to enjoy clean eating, this is going to be an uphill battle for the rest of your life. You learn to enjoy clean eating by doing it. Taste is an acquired sense. The more you practice clean eating, the more you'll enjoy it and the less you'll crave of the junk in the first place.

Start with meals you like. If you like steak, eat a lot of steak. If you like crab or seafood, spend the money on it and eat it more regularly. Explore the internet and try different recipes. Get your kids involved. Make it something the whole family can get behind. Why sacrifice when you can learn to love a healthy lifestyle? Don't work hard, work smart.

Just use it as a learning day and jump back on plan. Do not let it derail your success. Don't buy into the guilt of food. Food is something we have to sustain our bodies, it should not rule us. The scale is also a tool, it's just a number. So you went off plan....try and figure out WHY you went off plan. Did you forget to plan your meal; succumb to a night out with family or friends; or are you in a stall and depressed the scale is not moving. When you know why you ate incorrectly, you can make sure to correct it so it doesn't happen again.

Our advise--stay off the scale. Eat as clean as you can and move on.

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