How the hCG diet helps you lose weight quickly, healthily and permanently in 6 weeks

Most diets start because you have a special event or an important occasion that you want to look good for, or a health concern which needs to be addressed with fast, effective weight loss.

And one of the first questions that people ponder when they plan to lose weight for a special occasion is how much weight they can lose in a specific time frame.

There are many methods of fast weight loss and when time is of the essence there’s no need to put an effective diet in the too-hard basket. As you approach six weeks before your event or occasion, you still have enough time to drop those all-important kilos before your deadline approaches.


Choose the right diet for fast weight loss

The hCG diet has been proven time and time again to be one of the most successful weight-loss programs discovered to date. If you need to lose weight quickly and safely, the hCG diet can help you achieve weight-loss of up to 15kg on a 44-day plan (30 day drops & 2 weeks maintenance) but without the concern of putting weight back on after the initial hard work is done. Here are some of the reasons the hCG program is one of the best diet options for losing weight in 6 weeks:

It’s common to want to lose weight fast for a special event

The hCG program teaches your body how to use fat stores as energy

Phase 1 of the hCG diet involves eating lots of healthy fats which loads your body with good fat reserves that your body can draw upon for energy while alleviating hunger during the first few days of phase 2.

Phase 2 is the rapid weight loss phase. Maximum weight loss calls for a total avoidance of simple carbohydrates and oils while consuming 500-calories a day from the approved list of lean protein, vegetables and fruit. However, this is not a low calorie diet as your body will source all the additional calories it needs from your abnormal fat stores ensuring it receives all the essential nutrients it requires to remain healthy while still losing the most weight possible.

This process will liberate fat stores and reset the hypothalamus (the body’s master gland that also controls weight), so that it doesn’t continue to store calories as long term brown fat, but instead as short term normal fat.


The hCG program focuses on a holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle

Phase 3 of the hCG diet is low starch, low sugar. You will lock in your new weight set point and learn how to keep your weight loss permanent. Foods are gradually re-introduced, giving you a chance to monitor how your body reacts to certain types of foods and to identify what foods should be avoided or kept to a minimum. As protein consumption is increased, this is the perfect time to increase your exercise and show off your new body. It is these changes which will ensure that an overall healthy lifestyle is maintained from the day you take your first drop for the rest of your life.

The 30 day hCG eXtreme drops (perfect for losing weight in 6 weeks) includes not only the drops but also meal planners, and calorie counters. It has everything you need to lose up to 15kg in 44 days, you may repeat as often as you like and maintain a healthy weight range for the rest of your life.


Quick fix diets come back to haunt you

While many quick-fix diets are common when you need to lose weight in a hurry; following a soup diet, carb-free diet, or any other fad plan just doesn’t work in the long term. They cut out food groups altogether and your body needs those foods to survive. It is after a short, sharp burst of weight loss that the cravings start which ultimately leads to a vicious cycle of falling off and getting back on the wagon. This is not only counter-productive to your results, but can also be detrimental to your health.

Your body requires very little food to become fit, energised and healthy and combined with appropriate exercise, the program will help you move to a much healthier lifestyle.

Whether you have a special event or an occasion that you need to lose weight quickly for; or perhaps you’re looking to kick-start a long-term weight loss goal, the hCG diet is guaranteed to give you results quickly, with long lasting effects if the nutrition guide is followed.If you’d like to trim down quickly and you’re ready to get started, why not check out our program options today.

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