HCG Diet Loading Days: How to Lose Weight by Overeating

The HCG loading days generally makes up the first two days of the HCG diet. Some people call them the "binge" or "gorge" days. During these two days, you begin taking daily doses of HCG while eating to capacity the most fattening food you can. It's an integral part of the HCG Weight Loss Plan.
Most people think it's pretty strange to attempt losing weight by first overeating for several days, although few really complain. After all, this is the only time you will ever be told that pigging out is a legitimate part of your diet! Overeating is not only allowed, it's required! The first day of the HCG loading phase is often unbelievable, but by the second day most people start to feel sick of all the eating and just want to get on with the HCG diet and start losing weight.
Yet the HCG loading phase is an absolutely essential part of the HCG diet.

There are three important reasons:
  • Your reserve fat needs to be restocked
  • HCG diet drops take several days to start working
  • Loading will maximize your weight loss potential
Your Reserve Fat Needs to Be Restocked
The HCG loading days help restock low fat reserves, a very important step that needs to occur before the HCG Weight Loss Program will have their best effect. Dr. Simeons explained that many people trying the HCG diet have low levels of reserve fat despite having too much abnormal fat. Fat reserves are normal and necessary fat stores that are normally used to fill your energy needs when you're low on calories. They are very different from the abnormal, fixed fat deposits you're trying to get rid of.
Your good fat reserves are an important part of your body, but if you've done any dieting before, they have probably been used up already. Many overweight and obese people have chronically low fat reserves due to years of repeated or constant dieting. If your good fat reserves are already low, you will have a very difficult time during the low-calorie diet phase of the HCG diet. Even if you think your fat reserves are OK, it's best to follow the HCG loading phase to make sure.
The HCG Weight Loss Program Takes a few Days to Start seeing Results
It takes the HCG Weight Loss  Program a few days to begin releasing enough of your abnormal fat stores to supply your energy needs for the 500-calorie portion of the HCG diet. If you fail to follow the HCG loading phase properly, you will miss out on the feeling of euphoria many HCG dieters experience during the first week. Not only that, but you'll also feel hungrier, be more irritable, and have more headaches the first week.
Whatever you do, don't start the 500-calorie diet on the first day of taking the HCG Product. Follow your HCG Weight Loss Product instructions to make sure they will reach full potency when you are done with loading.
HCG Loading Days Will Maximize Your Weight Loss Potential
Some informal studies have shown that those who follow the HCG loading days correctly lose more weight overall. Dr. Simeons never mentioned this benefit, but there are several reasons why this might be so.
Those who follow the HCG loading days correctly have a much easier time during the first week, which establishes the pattern of things to come. The less hunger and irritability you feel, the easier it will be for you to stick to the diet and the more excited you will be to continue.
The HCG loading days have the added benefit of breaking some of the mental addictions you may have developed over time. By gorging on your favourite foods for several days, your cravings are satisfied while simultaneously making them less desirable.
So what happens to your weight during the HCG loading phase? Most people gain weight fairly quickly, sometimes as much as 2 to 3 kilos in the first day. The next day you'll likely gain less. Regardless, the whole amount is usually lost within the first two days of the 500-calorie diet. If you load properly, you could lose as much as 5 or 6 kilos the first week. When calculating your total weight lost at the end of the HCG Weight Loss Program, you should start from the first day of the 500-calorie diet (don't count the loading days).
Some people are surprised to find that they don't gain any weight at all during the HCG loading phase, and some even lose weight. This seems to happen to about 15% of HCG dieters. Often this is caused by a loss of water weight, especially for those who haven't been getting enough protein.
The HCG loading phase is so important to your success on the HCG diet.
We discussed three reasons:
  • Your reserve fat needs to be restocked
  • HCG diet drops take several days to start working
  • You will maximize your weight loss potential
So when you start the HCG Weight Loss Program, give yourself the best chance of success by correctly following the HCG loading phase! Check out our other articles on the loading phase of the HCG diet to make sure you follow it correctly and meet your weight loss goals.

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