I've heard that the HCG diet starts with something called "loading days." What is that?
The emphasis here is on consuming foods high in FAT. You may eat whatever you want, but fats are what you need to focus on these loading days. Loading days are to help your body set up the new hCG in your system to start burning fat. You will want to eat or 'load up' on as many fatty foods as you can possibly stand. Dr. Simeons' Protocol states to 'eat to capacity' for those first 2 days on the hCG. The consequence if you don't has been for many to discover that their hunger is still there and can become uncomfortable. If you 'load' properly, you will find that the hCG begins right away to scavenge needed calories from your abnormal fat stores (the really annoying ones like in the gut) so that you feel no real hunger at all.

You DO need to take the hCG on loading days. The loading works with the hCG to prep your bod for the changes coming. There are two primary reasons for loading:1. The hCG effect of burning your abnormal fat stores for fuel does not kick in until the third dose, so eating 500 calories without this effect of hCG will cause you problems in terms of losing structural fat and being extremely hungry until it does kick in. 2. You need to replenish the structural fat stores that are usually depleted in dieting, assuming that you have dieted without hCG in the past.

Can I exercise while taking HCG?
You can exercise on the HCG diet but you will typically be advised not to exercise strenuously. The original HCG diet plan does not recommend vigorous exercise for you, because some studies show it may slow down your weight loss. Your level of fitness before going on the diet can help guide you in determining what is vigorous exercise for you.

A good rule of thumb while taking HCG diet drops is to listen to your body. When on a 500 calorie diet it can be hard to maintain a regular work out routine. So that is one of the reason's why it is suggested that you don't work out while on the diet. But if you want to work out just make sure that you are not pushing your body over board.

Well think about it, you need calories in order to support your energy levels. If you're following the diet, and exercising, you could cause yourself to get dizzy and exceed your body's energy requirements. I'd recommend just doing your weights to keep your tone, and skip the high energy cardio. Maybe just do 30 min of walking to get the lymph flow and digestion flowing, and do some toning work.

What if i cheated Big Time!? Can i get my HCG diet back on track?
Most people think that because they have cheated, the diet is not going to work. However, that is just not true. You still have the ability to lose a lot of weight. At the same rate you don't want to keep cheating either. That will likely keep you from losing the amount of weight that you want. The fact remains that people do cheat on the HCG diet. So if you do end up cheating that one time, you shouldn't let that ruin the rest of the diet for you - So definitely don't give up. You should continue with the HCG Diet as if nothing has happened.

If your gonna cheat do it right. The most important thing about cheating on the HCG diet is to pick the right food. Don't go off the deep end and eat a giant piece of cheesecake or a super-sized burger combo meal. There's a better way to cheat and give your taste buds a little vacation while still playing it safe. Some people have discovered HCG diet cheats that don't stall their weight loss at all. Here are some good cheats that won't kill the diet. Watermelon, Whole wheat crackers, Cottage cheese, Turkey, Beef. Also if you want sweet try putting an apple or grapefruit heat up some pieces in the oven then sprinkle cinnamon. Its way good!

"What should I do if I cheat?" Presumably, if caved and pigged gave in and feel like giving up. Remember you're human, so not to worry. You just have to suck it up and go back on to work on your HCG diet. You can do it you just gotta use that good ole self control it just takes practice but i know you can do it!
Once I finish my HCG diet what can i do to keep the weight off? What is Maintenance Phase?
The maintenance phase is the 3 week period after you finish your diet drops. There are a few simple rules you must follow. First you must weigh yourself every day, you must remain within 2 pounds of your last in dose weight. You want to stay either above or below. Second you cannot eat sugars and starches. Third it is extremely important to eat enough protein on this phase, many people eat at least 100 grams of true protein. Then you want to try ti keep your calorie intake fairly low. You should try to stay in the range of about 1200 to 1800 calories.

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