Dr. Oz's input on the HCG diet!

Information Given By Dr Oz On HCG
Eager to be known by many is the information given by Dr Oz on HCG. HCG, scientifically known as Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, is a natural protein hormone that develops in the placenta of pregnant women during the first trimester. It is believed that this hormone can send signals to the hypothalamus to break down and use abnormally high contents of body fat as a fuel source.

The HCG diet is one which requires a daily amount of the hormone as well as a low calorie intake; the recommended amount of calories that should be eaten a day is five hundred. If a five hundred calorie diet is done without HCG the body will start to break down muscles and cause resting metabolic rate to decrease. HCG stops this from happening by tricking the body into thinking the correct amount of calories needed is being ingested.

Though this hormone is produced by women during pregnancy it can be taken by both men and women in order to lose weight. The hormone can now be found in the form of pills and oral drops.

This is a useful way of reducing fatty muscles however, the 500 calorie diet must be stuck to for it to work efficiently. If the diet is followed correctly it is possible to lose 1 pound a day. When the hormone is dissolved it circulates through the blood stream and turns fat into calories therefore increasing metabolism and enhancing weight loss.
The oral drops of HCG is diluted and much more effective than the injections as it is taken sublingually and dissolves into the blood stream much quicker. The better method for use is the oral method as it eliminates pain and is absorbed by the body much faster therefore giving better results.

Statements made by Dr Oz on HCG shows that a diet like this has been long awaited by many. It has been believed to be the miracle of weight loss by some persons.


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