Happy hCG Weight Loss Drops People!

I just wanted to say….why the heck did I wait so long? I have been on the drops for 7 days, I am down 5.5kilos and feel great. Amazing……..absolutely amazing. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
Terrie H.

 Just thought I’d let you know that I’ve made my goal weight in just 25 days. I dropped 12kilos in n this period of time and I have never felt better. The last time I was in the 70's was during my first year of marriage 23 years ago. Why did I wait so long. LOL! Thank you.

Just wanted to give you all some feedback. I started my drops the second week of September and ended mid October, I lost 5 dress sizes. I stopped weighing because I found that if I focused on just weight that I stressed and it is hard to lose weight when stressed. I lost those 5 dress sizes and even cheated daily! These drops are the most amazing diet supplement I have ever used! I like food and if I am able to cheat and still lose kilos that is perfect! So I just want to thank you all! I have sent many people your way and have even gotten some of our women from my church to try them. We are spreading the word quick because they are truly amazing!
Thank you all!
Rachel Lane

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