Food Do’s And Don’ts

  • Make sure you drink plenty of bottled or filtered water.  In fact you should drink about 2 litres of these fluids per day. Many clients are afraid to drink so much because they fear that this may make them retain more water. This is a wrong notion as the body is more inclined to store water when the intake falls below its normal requirements.
  • The fruit or the breadstick may be eaten between meals instead of with lunch or dinner, but not more than than four items listed for lunch and dinner may be eaten at one meal.
  • Every item in the list is gone over carefully, continually stressing the point that no variations other than those listed may be introduced. All things not listed are forbidden, and clients can be assured that nothing permissible has been left out. The 100 grams of meat must he scrupulously weighed raw after all visible fat has been removed to do this accurately, you must have a letter-scale, as kitchen scales are not sufficiently accurate and the butcher should certainly not be relied upon. Those not uncommon patients who feel that even so little food is too much for them, can omit anything they wish.
  • There is no objection to breaking up the two meals. For instance having a breadstick and an apple for breakfast or an orange before going to bed, provided they are deducted from the regular meals. The whole daily ration of two breadsticks or two fruits may not be eaten at the same time, nor can any item saved from the previous day be added on the following day. In the beginning you are advised to check every meal against your diet sheet before starting to eat and not to rely on your memory. It is also worth pointing out that any attempt to observe this diet without HCG will lead to trouble in two to three days.
All of the soups on Hcg recipes can be prepared in advance and frozen for 3-6 months. When making a batch, I usually have 2 or 3 pots going so I can keep my portions separate. That way I can easily fix a meal in the future with no hassle.

Here are some great ideas for those HCG Dieter’s who are always on to go:
Look for restaurants with “Grill” in the name.  These are the best option, as grilling is always the better.  If at all possible avoid restaurants all together.  However, there are some that offer items that are HCG firiendly which gives us some diversity.
When ordering white fishes, beef, or chicken in  restaurants make sure to specifically ask that there no butter, oil or extra sauces.  Order some steamed asparagus with no butter and you have a beautiful  evening out!
Order a plain hamburger patty with a side of sliced tomato and some strawberries for dessert.
Run into your local grocery store and grab a ready made salad. Use some salsa as your dressing.
Other Rules To Remember:
No cheating allowed. If you deviate from the diet you will not lose weight that day and you could gain weight instead.
You must eat everything as described. Do not skip meals. Each meal must consist of the protein, the vegetable and the fruit.  If you choose, you may eat the fruit in between meals as a snack.
Try and drink at least one cup of WuLong (oolong), YerbaMate, and Chamomile tea a day
Simply cool the soup after cooking it and place it in an air-tight container.  You can use tupperware, etc – but what I prefer using is freezer bags. Fill up the bag, seal, and set it on its side to freeze. This allows you to take up much less freezer space as they are easily stackable. Also remember to label it.
When ready to serve, you can take it out the night before and set it in the refrigerator to defrost. OR, my personal favourite, bring a pot of water to boil, set the freezer bag full of soup in the pot (leaving it sealed!) and let it thaw through for 5 mins or so. Then you can simply dump the water, then put the thawed soup in the pot & warm. Easy stuff.
Happy Eating!

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