hCG Weight Loss Program {TO DO - LIST}

Here are some critical HCG diet tips to help you easily, effortlessly, and effectively complete the HCG diet. Simply follow these HCG diet guidelines for a better, successful HCG diet experience!

Do #1: Stay Busy

Find an activity that you like to do that doesn’t involve food to keep your mind busy while on HCG.

Do #2: If you're hungry, split up your meals

Be aware that you are allowed to separate your meal, to help ease hunger on the HCG diet. Therefore you get 2 meals and 2 snacks during a day on the HCG diet.

For example, you may prefer to do this:
9:00am: Apple and Grissini Stick
12:00pm: 100 grams of Chicken, 2 cups of Baby Spinach
3:00pm: 6 Strawberries, and 2 Melba Rounds
6:00pm: 100 grams of Steak, 1 cup diced Tomatoes
Do #3: Stay Motivated

Measure your progress to help you stay motivated. Track your weight loss by writing it down, or using a tracking app (such as Happy Scale). And take bodily measurements once a week to see how your body is changing. We recommend to record body measurements for the following areas (at least):
Upper Arm

When you have a way to track and measure your weight loss and centimetres lost it can help you be thankful for how much you lose overall and keep you motivated to keep going.

Do #4: Spice It Up Right

Most store-bought mixes spices are not allowed on the HCG diet because they contain sugars, oils, or other ingredients that are not allowed on the HCG diet. Most plain, simple, pure spices are listed on the HCG diet spice list but if you are looking for approved brands of mixed spices on the HCG diet we recommend the Perfect Portions brand of HCG Spices. These spices are sweetened with only stevia and are all-natural. See the full list of HCG spices here.
HCG Spice List:
Fresh Plain Spices
& many, many more.

Do #5: Love Your Morning Coffee or Tea

Start your day off with a nice hot cup of coffee or tea with some good
sweetener. Starting your day off right with something tasty can help keep you from cheating on the HCG diet.

Do #6: Prepare Your Meat Correctly

All HCG meats must be weighed to 100g BEFORE cooking. They should be weighed raw and have all visible fat trimmed. It is important to cook the meat using no butter, oil, or other form of fat (ie boil, grill, bake, use non-stick cookware, etc.).
Do #7: Weigh Daily

WEIGH EVERY MORNING while on HCG P2 at about the same time in about the same clothes and with the same scale.

We recommend weighing every morning, as soon as you wake up. Go to the bathroom, and step on the scale. It's important to weigh everyday so you can monitor progress on the HCG diet.

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