Learn How hCG Works for Fast Weight Loss

In the next few pages, we will give a short overview of how hCG works for weight loss in your body.
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Dr. Simeons, the physician who developed the HCG diet plan, says the following about the hCG Diet in his hCG Manuscript:

"When an obese patient tries to reduce by starving himself, he will first lose his normal fat reserves. When these are exhausted he begins to burn up structural fat, and only as a last resort will the body yield its abnormal reserves, though by that time the patient usually feels so weak and hungry that the diet is abandoned.

It is just for this reason that obese patients complain that when they diet they lose the wrong fat. They feel famished and tired and their face becomes drawn and haggard, but their belly, hips, thighs and upper arms show little improvement. The fat they have come to detest stays on and the fat they need to cover their bones gets less and less. Their skin wrinkles and they look old and miserable. And that is one of the most frustrating and depressing experiences a human being can have.” (Excerpt from Dr. Simeons' Manuscript)

To rephrase Dr. Simeons: The hCG Weight Loss Program allows your body to tap into your body’s abnormal fat deposits (shoulders, upper arms, hips, thighs, and buttocks).

In obese hCG diet clients, these deposits are not usually accessible to the body until the person has gone through both his normal fat (your energy in/energy out reserve) and structural fat (fat between your organs, in your face, etc.) as described above. This is the reason why no matter how much some people exercise and starve themselves, they still have, for example, a "big butt".

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