HCG Pellets (Tablets) Vs Injections

HCG pellets are a relatively new form of the hormone that can be taken orally. They are designed to dissolve under the tongue and release the appropriate amount of HCG. Here is a brief comparison of what you can expect from using pellets vs. injections.

Standard Injection Protocol
The well-known HCG injection protocol was established in the 1950s. It entailed mixing the hormone in a sterile saline solution and injecting an amount that would provide 125 I.U. per day in a single injection. Dr. Simeons recommended that this process be repeated for six days each week, with a one day break.

Products for injections are now available that require the end user to mix the right amount sterile water (called bacteriostatic water) into a vial of dry HCG powder. Dissolved HCG is then taken up into a syringe for injection into a fatty place on the abdomen.

Lots of videos on YouTube show how to mix and self-administer HCG injections. The whole process is not all that complicated, although it does require good technique for getting the right amount of HCG on a daily basis and for keeping the mixture sterile.

HCG Pellets Protocol
Compounding pharmacies now have the ability to make oral forms of HCG as sublingual drops or as sublingual pellets. The key for either of these is to get the equivalent amount of HCG into your system that matches what you would get by injection. Although the area under the tongue absorbs very well, sublingual absorption is not as good as absorption from injections.

For this reason, HCG pellets are taken 3 times per day instead of once. And each daily dose consists of about twice the amount of HCG as from a single injection. This is what is required for getting the appropriate amount of HCG into your system.

Advantages of the pellets are that they don’t have to be mixed or injected. Three pellets under the tongue, three times per day, is as simple as it gets.

One other advantage regarding pellets is that they are more stable at room temperature. This has been an advantage for those who travel or take their HCG to work each day. It is important to keep the pellets cool. It is just not as critical to do so as it is with liquid forms of the hormone.

What About Results?
Pharmacies who make the pellets report equivalent results in comparison with other forms of HCG. In my experience, based on my own use of them as well as use by many clients, I would concur. They perform just as well as do the sublingual drops and injections.
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