hCG Pellets VS. hCG Drops

As with any new product or service, it starts out WOWing the customer. As the product grows and changes, so do the needs of the consumer. hCG started in the form of injections and rapidly evolved into a more convenient drop form, eliminating needles and doctor supervision. As evolution would have it, the next step after a liquid drug is a small pellet/ tablet form. We are proud to announce the addition of hCG Weight Loss Tablets to our line of extremely effective weight loss products.

Below may help those asking the question…Do hcg pellets work as good as the drops?

hCG Pellets
At first, nobody believed that the homeopathic hCG drops could work as great as the injections. Here we all are after losing 5, 12 or 23 kilograms, shocked that it could work so well. hCG Weight Loss Products SA put our amazing research and development staff to work and asked them to take something great and make it better.
They gave us hCG pellets.

The same healthy, low calorie hcg diet is still required with the pellets. Each hCG pill bottle comes with 360 pellets, 3 pellets, 3 times per day) The pellets are more convenient and work the same (if not better) as the drops or injections. No Needles.
No Refrigeration. Same rapid weight loss. Many customers describe the taste of the pellets as “pleasant.”
Our hCG pellets contain a mix of specially designed ingredients
to maximize weight loss:

*Vitamin B12 6x, 12x, 30x, 60x – Supports a boost of energy and fat metabolism
* L-Arginine 6X, 12X, 30X – Maintains a healthy blood sugar level
* Carnitine 6X,12X,30X - Increase fatty acids and supports metabolic rates
* Ornithine 6X, 12X, 30X - Used to boost muscle gain and also supports energy levels
* Fucus Vesiculosus 3X - Endocrine disorders.
* Phytolacca Decandra 3X – Has been shown evident to have a Tendency to store fat. Also helps with Glandular disorders.
* Thyroidinum 8X – Supports a healthy thyroid, which is one of the many causes of weight loss prevention
* Aceticum Acidum 10X – Supports the body to not store such a high amount of “water weight”
* Baryta Iodata 12X –Supports Lymphatic Drainage.
* Anacardium Orientale 14X – Acts as an appetite suppressant
* Calcarea Carbonica 14X – Supports and helps with Lymphatic constitutions.
* Capsicum Annum 14X – Supports and helps with Plethoric constitutions.
* Graphites 14X – Helps support a common side effect with the HCG Diet Constipation.
* Natrum Sulphuricum 14X - Another ingredient to help with maintaining a healthy amount of “water weight”
* Zincum Metallicum 14X – Another ingredient for appetite suppression
* Stannum Metallicum 16X – Promotes health in the liver and energy support
hCG Drops
The hCG drops still remain a favourite for many hCG customers. Many feel that the hCG drops feel more “medicinal” and are more able to adhere closely to the hCG diet. However, the small 60ml bottle is very portable and unobtrusive. Most of the time the bottle can be carried in your purse or left in the refrigerator without worry. The drops were a revolution in weight loss, helping thousands lose weight when no other method had worked. For those who have a difficult time swallowing pills, the hCG drops are still a great way to lose 500g - 1kg per day.

The Results
No matter your method of administration, hCG pellets or the hCG drops, you are sure to experience the same great results. Customers still experience rapid weight loss of 500g-1kg per day on both of our hCG products.

Dosing the pellets is much more convenient. No storage issues.

As always, hCG Weight Loss Products SA put great pride in the quality of our products. With either the hCG drops or the hCG pellets, your hCG is uncompromising, quality in every bottle.

Ask anyone who has tried the hCG Weight Loss Program, often the results go without saying.

All of our products are proudly made in the USA

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