Chicken vegetable Soup – YUMMY!!!!!

- 6 cups of chicken broth base (see recipe under)
- 3 100 grams of cooked chopped chicken
- 3 stalks of chopped celery
- 1 whole sweet onion chopped
- 2 handfuls of chopped cabbage
- 2 medium sized chopped tomatoes (optional)
combine and bring to a boil. Turn heat to low and simmer for 30 minutes or until vegetable are tender adding cabbage for the last 10 minutes
Chicken Broth Base
100 gram pieces of chicken
9 cups water
1 tsp of each: garlic powder, onion salt, celery salt, poultry seasoning, and pepper
1 Tbsp sea salt

Combine ingredients in soup pot and cook until chicken is done. About 35 minutes. Take chicken out and save for recipes. Freeze some in ice cube trays for sauteing vegetables

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