Gaining Weight Starts in the Brain

You hear about the hypothalamus and the role it plays managing your weight. However, most of us don’t really understand how the hypothalamus works.
This will help you understand how hCG Weight Loss Drops will work for you.


The Hypothalamus is Responsible for the Control of Food Intake. It may sound amazing, but it is the hypothalamus’ job to make the body salivate for an apple, rather than a piece of chocolate cake. If the hypothalamus is working normally, then a person will be more inclined to crave a nutritionally, well balanced diet! Food that is void of the nutrition needed will not have the same pull or crave-producing impact. This is why some people can have one bite of their chocolate cake, push it to the side, and say, “That was enough”. The hypothalamus is much like peripheral vision. When driving on the highway, even though the driver may not always be looking straight ahead, his peripheral vision assists him in making the tiny adjustments in steering to keep the car in between the lines on the road. The hypothalamus, when functioning normally, works in the same way. It assists the body by steering the appetite and promoting more effective metabolism to keep the body at a certain weight, or “set-point”, just like the lines on the highway. For those who have a hypothalamus that is not functioning properly, it is like their peripheral vision has become distorted. The lines on the highway, so to speak, become wider and wider, or not visible at all. The body’s hunger becomes more and more intense; more food is craved and eaten; more fat is consumed and stored.
Now the body’s “set-point” has risen on the scale to a new high and isn’t coming down. Sound familiar?
Using hCG Weight Loss Drops makes it possible to lower the body’s “set-point” and re-train the hypothalamus to make the necessary adjustments to keep it there, forever!

Another Piece to the Intricate Puzzle
In the body, there is a hormone called Leptin.. Leptin is like a messenger between the hypothalamus and the fat stores. When your body gets to the point where it has stored enough fat, Leptin runs to the hypothalamus, and yells, “Stop!!!! We’ve stored enough fat!!!!”A normally functioning hypothalamus would understand Leptin’s message and stop storing extra fat on the body. However, high levels of leptin circulating in the body result in leptin desensitization, or Leptin Resistance. This means that no matter how much the Leptin tries to communicate to the hypothalamus; the message is not heard or responded to. The more important part of this equation is that Leptin is produced by the Abnormal (adipose) fat!

More Adipose fat = higher levels of Leptin = Leptin resistance = MORE STORED ADIPOSE FAT!

When the hypothalamus is not functioning properly it cannot hear or understand what Leptin was trying to tell it. So the hypothalamus thinks that it still needs to store excess fat. And it does. It keeps storing and storing because it has not gotten the message that there is already enough fat on the body.It is clear why it is so crucial to rid the body of the Abnormal (adipose) fat. Once the kilos of fat begin to reduce, the amount of leptin can begin to return to normal levels. This will start the process of healing the broken system of communication between the fat stores and the hypothalamus. When the communication is restored, the hypothalamus will once again prompt the body to decrease food intake through appetite and increase energy output to burn up any extra calories eaten.

It is for this reason that most weight reduction programs fail their participants. If the body doesn’t get rid of the Adipose fat, the high levels of Leptin in the body will keep the body in Leptin resistance. These mixed messages will continue to confuse the body. The hypothalamus will keep allowing the body to store fat and keep the appetite elevated.

hGC Weight Loss Drops assists the body in quickly reducing Adipose fat so the hormones can once again, communicate effectively.

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