5 Foods That Will Speed Up Your Metabolism 

Whenever “metabolism” is mentioned, it feels mystical — like the fountain of youth or a cupcake with no calories. It seems like all you have to do is rev that metabolism a little and you’ll be running 5-minute miles and burning calories like it’s your job and finally be able to apply the perfect liquid liner… well, almost all of those anyway. But what does your metabolism actually do? And how can you properly harness all its kickass health power?

The term “metabolism” actually refers to all the chemicals involved in maintaining the health of the cells. The nutrients we eat supply energy and necessary chemicals for this function, which is why it affects how many calories our body burns. So while it sounds like a fad-y health craze, focusing on our metabolic health is actually important. Here are some foods that will help your metabolism function properly and burn extra calories in the process:

1. Protein with Healthy Fats

Getting enough protein is crucial for the function of your metabolism, but simply ingesting protein isn’t enough. Protein and healthy fats are so important because if your body does not get enough, or an improper balance, it will break down lean body tissues and convert them to body fat. Try choosing a combo snack like Oh Mega Nut Butters which packs a huge protein punch and contains about 25% protein and are rich in nutrients such as folate, magnesium, fiber, vitamin E & B3 and is naturally free of trans fats and sodium. Flaxseed oil is rich in omega 3, which is necessary for good health. It has many documented health benefits related to brain function, cardiovascular health, ADHD, vision, skin, hair, etc. Nearly every system in the body can benefit from flax seed oil’s natural properties, including the cardiovascular system, immune system, circulatory system, reproductive system, nervous system, as well as joints. Honey is a natural and healthy sweetener (low GI) with many anti-bacterial properties Vitamin E is an antioxidant and natural preservative.

2. Green Tea

While coffee also revs the metabolism with that caffeine we all know and love, green teas do it more efficiently and have more benefits in general. Green teas (like gunpowder, jasmine, and matcha) contain epigallocatechin, which is what stimulates the nervous system without elevating the heart rate (meaning no post-coffee jitters!). Three cups a day is said to burn up to 80 calories — now that’s a workout I can get behind! Try swapping a matcha latte for your usual latte at Starbucks, or try it in your baking.

3. Whole Grains

Whole grains like rolled oats, brown rice, or buckwheat burn more body fat because they take more work for your body to break down than processed grains like white flour. They are also rich in fiber, which means they help your gut to digest better. Opt for brown rice pasta, or at least whole wheat, instead of the usual white, and try baking with oat flour instead of the white stuff.

4. Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruits that are especially tangy, like grapefruit or lemon, contain antioxidants that help your body to use insulin more efficiently, which means stabilizing blood sugar and increasing calorie burn. Try slicing up a grapefruit to add to your salad for a zesty and refreshing change to the same old lettuce.

5. Hot Peppers


Cayenne Pepper on your avocado toast and jalapeños on your nachos might be flavorful and spicy toppings, but they also have serious benefits for your metabolism. A chemical called capsaicin can rev up your metabolism by up to 25% for three hours after you’ve eaten. Try adding jalapeños or chipotles to egg dishes and soups for a spicy kick, and sprinkle cayenne pepper in everything from salad dressings to chocolate cake.

Do you focus on the health of your metabolism? Which of these foods would you try?

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