Common Mistakes of using HCG

Mistake #1:
Not following through and completing the entire HCG Protocol. This is the number one reason people do not achieve the maximum results with the HCG Weight Loss Plan. For various reasons, they interrupt the process, stop taking the HCG too soon, stop following the low calorie eating plan too soon, or simply don’t follow instructions. HCG cannot work for you if you will not give it the chance to.  
Mistake #2:
People want to experiment or get creative with the eating plan and forget to keep the plan SIMPLE BUT PRECISE.
The HCG Weight Loss Program is as simple as taking the HCG sublingual drops 6 times a day for 21 days and following an eating plan that is very specific in the type of meats, vegetables and fruits that are HCG-synergistic. The food types are typically what one eats in a normal diet and there are no fancy powders, recipes or mixtures to contend with. And, it is very precise: take the drops as recommended and eat only the foods that are on the recommended list. If it is not on the list; do not eat it. The eating plan is as simple but precise as “painting by the numbers”.

Mistake #3:

Eating the wrong foods….if it is not on the recommended list of HCG synergistic foods, and then don’t eat it. It may be difficult to understand why one can eat asparagus, chicken, or apples—but not broccoli, turkey or mangos. Through thousands of clinical cases, Dr. Simeons found certain foods were synergistic with HCG and others were not. Not all foods have the same chemical composition, just as asparagus and broccoli do not have the same chemical composition. This is why he recommended—and why we recommend—only a specific list of foods to be consumed during the 21 day cycle.
Mistake #4:
Eating an incorrect portion of the right foods or ignoring the recommended portions of synergistic foods designed to keep one on a low calorie diet during the 21 day HCG cycle (Phase 2). Actually, there is a very simple mathematical basis for recommending a companion low calorie diet to the HCG Weight Loss Protocol. As HCG signals to the hypothalamus to open up the zealously guarded Adipose Fat Stores, the hypothalamus needs to know how much Adipose Fat it is to melt and release into the bloodstream as additional energy calories. This is gauged by how much whole food calories are being taken in. If only 500 calories of whole food is being ingested daily and the body’s normal functions require a total of 2500 calories…then the hypothalamus will ration out only 2000 calories produced by the burning of the Adipose Fat layer.
In other words, the hypothalamus is going to compensate for any shortage of calories by making up the balance with calories produced by the burning of Adipose Fat. And, this is the process that results in the amazing weight loss and reduction of inches in trouble spots.
This is also the reason why an 800+ calorie diet may result in slower loss weight and reduction in inches.
Mistake #5:
Not drinking enough water…yes, ALL diets should prescribe drinking 8 glasses of pure water a day. Along with the physiological and psychological benefits of feeling sated by drinking volumes of water, there is another even more important reason you will want to start drinking lots of water particularly at the start of the HCG Weight Loss Plan.
The Body often stores toxins we acquire from food, air or water in our stores of fat. Think of your fat layers as the same type of “salt mines” used to safely store hazardous waste. Once these fat layers begin to melt away from the action of HCG, stored toxins are released into the bloodstream. Continuous drinking of water helps to flush this waster from your body, acting as a natural detoxification.
This natural detoxification process may create an imbalance in the Ph/alkaloid blood levels creating more of an acidic environment. The Body will react by trying to neutralize this high acidity through water retention—which results in temporary weight gain.
While it may seem counter-intuitive that higher water consumption may prevent water retention, a well hydrated body does not retain abnormal amounts of water, naturally adjusting to only what it needs providing water intake is sufficient and consistent.
Mistake #6:
Excessive exercise that results in sore muscles and joints….on the HCG Weight Loss Protocol exercise is not mandatory and is recommended only in moderation. “Moderation” means at the level of exercise that does not exhaust you, leaving you feeling stiff and sore the following day.
When a muscle is strained (through excessive exercise) its fibers are soon coated with lactic acid and the result is the familiar “soreness” one feels. The Body senses this higher concentrate of acidity—and instantly responds with water retention in order to neutralize the acidity. The result: temporary weight gain from water retention.
Mistake #7:
Not having a strong WHY Power. As with any worthy endeavor in life, reshaping your body in weight and inches through lifestyle and eating changes requires a strong, valid reason for doing so. At hCG Weight Loss SA we call this your “WHY” Power; why are you wanting to lose weight? Why do you want to change and reshape your body?
Unfortunately, we do see people who are rather casual—even flippant—about using the HCG Weight Loss Plan to lose weight and body inches. When they are asked “WHY” are you doing this, they will only shrug and say, “I dunno”. Someone without the strength of “WHY” Power usually finds even a mere 21 days out of their normal life to pursue the amazing HCG Weight Loss Plan too much to handle, and they commit Mistake #1.
There is a certain magic to pre-determining your “WHY” Power before you start the HCG Weight Loss Plan. With a strong “WHY” you are more likely to create an image of how you want to look, feel and be perceived by others.  
To assure yourself of a strong “WHY” Power, write your answers down and place it with your Day 1 Body Photos and measurements…to be relished on Day 23 of your weight loss.
Mistake #8:
Not following through on Phases 3 and 4 of the HCG Weight Loss Protocol…This is so common it is sad. Perhaps this is because there is too little attention or knowledge among HCG suppliers regarding these two critical phases and Dr. Simeons own intent for developing them as a required follow through on the actual weight loss phase, or Phase 2.
The REAL success in the HCG Weight Loss Protocol is not in the loss of body weight and inches. It is in KEEPING THE WEIGHT OFF. Our philosophy is that “why bother with any diet if you don’t intend to keep the weight off once you have lost it?” To lose it only to gain it back again is nothing more than setting yourself up for the frustration and angst of “Yo-Yo Dieting”. It’s hard on your body and it’s hard on YOU.
Phase 2 of the HCG Weight Loss Plan is the most notable of all the phases in which the most remarkable weight loss and inches occurs. Yet, the most CRITICAL of ALL four phases of the protocol—in our opinion—is Phase 3, followed by Phase 4 of the protocol.
These are the two phases—each consisting of 21 days—whereas you will not be using HCG or the low calorie eating plan. Rather you are giving your Body the chance to “re-set” the controls in order to maintain the new body weight you acquired during Phase 2. The longer and more consistent you are during these two critical phases the more likelihood is that you will maintain your new body weight long after the last drops of HCG are gone.
Ironically, these are the two of the SIMPLEST and EASIEST of the HCG phases—yet the most neglected! In Phase 3, you will eat most anything you want with the exceptions of SUGARY and STARCHY foods. In Phase 4, you will slowly re-introduce SUGARY and STARCHY foods back into your diet. The entire process is only 42 days to create a body that will naturally regulate its own metabolic rate and fat burning process to maintain the new weight “set-point” you acquired at the end of Phase 2!
Anyone who has quickly gained back the weight they lost on the HCG Weight Loss Plan will admit to you that they really didn’t pay that much heed to Phase 3 or 4; maybe not at all!
Mistake #9:
Skipping meals during Phase 2…with some people, HCG may have the effect of a mild appetite suppressant, and they mistakenly think that simply because they are not hungry, they will lose more weight by skipping a meal. Please don’t do this.

The HCG Weight Loss Protocol is NOT a starvation diet or based only upon traditional caloric restriction in order to establish a target weight range. It is about training your body to “re-set” and maintain a desirable metabolic rate that manages the food you ingest and burns it for energy or eliminates rather than storing it as fat. Your Body cannot accomplish this if you do not feed it whole food. It needs whole food to “practice” on. Skipping meals will likely result in temporary weight gains as it throws your biochemistry out of balance.
Mistake #10:
Discontinuing the HCG drops before the cycle is finished…this occurs most commonly with folks who have only 5-10 pounds to lose. They quickly lose that within a week or two of starting the HCG protocol and then they stop taking the daily HCG dosages—and often don’t even bother with Phases 3 and 4 (See Mistake #8).
But, we have known folks, also, who for some strange reason stop taking the drops when they first encounter their plateau, a natural occurrence in the HCG Weight Loss Plan that usually occurs on the 8th or 9th day of the plan. They mistakenly stop the drops and interrupt the fat burning process because they think the drops are no longer working for them. Everyone experiences the “dreaded plateau” which is natural and short-lived. A quick call or email to us will give you reassurance that you are—in fact—right on target when and if a plateau occurs, and some helpful suggestions for jump starting the fat burning process sooner.
Mistake #11:
Relying upon hearsay or the media for your working knowledge of the HCG Weight Loss Protocol. We encourage due diligence for anyone who may be contemplating the HCG Weight Loss Protocol and our website has been designed to provide you, physicians and other HCG suppliers with a wealth of accurate, complete and factual information regarding this amazing weight loss method.

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