If you’re having trouble staying strong on a diet – especially the HCG Diet where cheating has such a big impact on your success – don’t feel like weight loss is hopeless. Lots of people have been exactly where you are now and succeeded. You can too!

Try these tips to stay strong when your HCG Diet motivation dips.

Check Your Appetite at the Door
If cravings are a problem, why not remove them entirely? There are plenty of ways many celebrities and dieters use to avoid overwhelming cravings. Some are more realistic and practical than others – Jennifer Lopez, for example, sniffs grapefruit oil to curb cravings – but it can’t hurt to try a few different ways, right? Sucking on ice, knitting, and even drinking a lot of water are ways dieters keep their minds (and stomachs) off cravings.

Eat What you love
Eating terrible food is a sure way to keep your mind on how hungry you are. Feeding yourself with delicious food, however, will show you how delightful eating healthy foods can be. We’ve offered tips and tricks before to help you choose how to kick the candy habit.

Remember Your Goals
Are you losing weight as part of a new year’s resolution? But now you’ve had a few weeks to try the HCG Diet and chase your goals. If it’s hard to stick with your diet, remind yourself why you want to accomplish it in the first place. Make a list of goals and keep it in a place you can see it every day.

Get Motivated
If you aren’t on Pinterest, you’re missing out. Seriously – it’s like a social network dedicated to delivering motivational quotes all day long. Spend a few minutes on Pinterest when you don’t feel excited about losing weight. Make a board dedicated to things you’ll do when you’re thin.

Relax and Enjoy the Journey
Remember, losing weight is supposed to keep you from the dangers of stress, not add to it. Make time to relax and cut down your stress while you diet – this will make dieting easier by removing some of the challenges associated with dieting. Stress eating is a symptom of something wrong, not a cause in itself. Find why you’re stressed, address it, and the emotionally-driven cravings will subside. Overall, see your diet as a time to reboot your health. Re-learn how to plan meals and satisfy cravings for snacks. Feel excited when you meet your weight loss goals. You’re not just using the HCG Diet to lose weight – that’s only part of the story. You’re beginning a life transformation that will lead to more energy, better health and more happiness. These little tips will help you stay strong and meet your goals!


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