Top 10 Ways Men Like You RUIN their Chances of Success on the HCG Diet

1. Not Using a Safe HCG from a Reliable HCG Company
Sure there are tons of sites and stores selling HCG now, but most have no idea what they are talking about or how the HCG Diet really works. Make sure you have at least three things from your HCG company: 

1. a live customer service team answering your e-mails and phone calls in a timely fashion,
2. HCG that is made in the USA in an FDA-compliant lab, and
3. that they follow Dr. Simeons’ original HCG Diet exactly. Otherwise, you are just set up for HCG Diet failure and possibly health risks.

2. Intentional Cheating
Cheating is usually one of the biggest deterrents to weight loss on the HCG Diet. The HCG Diet Program is not like other programs where you can cheat a little bit and still lose the next day. If you cheat on the HCG Diet, you will most likely gain weight as shown the next day on the scale at weighing.

You will usually see a couple of kilos/grams gained on any cheat. What makes it even harder to swallow is the fact that it usually takes 1-2 days to get back to where you were BEFORE you cheated or you may just stall for a day or two if you didn't actually show a gain.

So, please don’t waste your money by cheating. All it will do is slow your weight loss. While some men are lucky in getting away with cheating, it hits women harder. So, avoid it at all costs. Just keep reminding yourself that you can do ANYTHING for a month.

3. Using Non-HCG Diet Safe Personal Care Items: Lotions, Liquid Foundations, & More 
I cannot stress how important it is that you do NOT use your normal lotions, creams, moisturisers, Shea butter, body wash, etc. ANYTHING with fats, oils, or vitamins (especially vitamin E gel) can slow or stall your weight loss. So, for the VLCD phase, you must stop using them or swap them out for an HCG Diet safe version. 

4. Non-Intentional Cheating by Not Following the Food List and Serving Sizes Exactly
Dr. Simeons (the physician who created the HCG Diet) studied the HCG Diet and experimented with the food list for over 20 years. So, he tested this list thoroughly and found that THESE foods and THESE foods only should be eaten on the HCG Diet for best results. Plus, the items on the list must only be eaten in the quantity defined by Dr. Simeons. You can find the list in Dr. Simeons’ original manuscript, which can be found on our website; under Freebies OH YEAH!:
We hear of people trying to substitute green beans, broccoli, turkey, and all kinds of other typical “diet” foods, but they are not allowed. While you may lose some weight eating these on the HCG Diet, you won’t lose as much as you could.

5. Having Drinks Other than Coffee, Tea, or Water Sweetened with Approved Brands of Stevia or Saccharin or Xylitol 
The ONLY drinks allowed on the HCG Diet are coffee, tea, and water sweetened with an approved brand of either stevia or saccharin or xulitol. Brands of stevia like Truvia, Purvia, Nusweet, and many other brands out there will cause your weight loss to slow because they have non-HCG safe ingredients in them. You can go and try to figure out other brands that work if you want, but if you just want to take our word for it, and use Sweet Leaf stevia or Sweet ‘n’ Low—it’ll save you time and money. Just to eliminate any questions, sugar free teas, Crystal Light, Kool Aid, diet soda, etc. are NOT allowed, but you can make your own flavoured beverages starting with a base of plain coffee, tea, or water and mix in approved saccharin or stevia. 

6. Using Disallowed Spices in Foods 
Although it may sound absolutely ridiculous that spices can slow your weight loss on the HCG Diet, they absolutely can. This is one of the top reasons for weight loss stall or weight gain on HCG. Most people don’t do it on purpose, but the fact is that hidden ingredients in spices can stop weight loss in its tracks. The spices allowed are: NATURAL salt, pepper, vinegar, mustard powder, garlic, sweet basil, parsley, thyme, marjoram, etc. BUT, spice companies are sneaky in adding extra non-HCG Safe ingredients like sugars and oils. So, for all your spices, check the INGREDIENTS (not the nutrition facts) to make sure there are no sugars (things that end in –ose or –extrin) or oils. It will save you a lot of heartache. 

7. Mixing Vegetables 
Dr. Simeons said to not mix any of your vegetables. So, don’t do it. It slows weight loss. Easy. 

8. Working Out Too Much or Too Hard
Exercise is a part of many people’s everyday life. However, on the HCG Diet, working out is not required nor is it recommended as it can lead to weight gain on the HCG Diet. Working out too hard will show a gain on the scale 9 times out of 10. If you feel you must workout (because you have been doing it so long and it is habit), you can usually continue to do so. You will just need to watch it to make sure your workout isn't too strenuous on the VLCD. That usually means lightening up your weights and maybe cutting back on extreme distance running. However, it is always up to you. If you are gaining, just walk for exercise for the rest of the month.

9. Not Weighing EVERY DAY at the SAME TIME Each Day 
Waking up and stepping on the scale every morning is probably not in most people’s normal routine, but on the HCG Diet, you MUST weigh every day AND at the same time every day. As soon as you get up, and after you use the restroom, jump on the scale and get your weight. This is very important so that you can see if you are losing as much as you should be. As you have probably gathered by now, this diet is very specific and one wrong move could cause weight loss stall or weight gain. The good thing is that you will see the very next day if you did something wrong the day before. So, then you can fix it. And, if you can’t figure out what happened, you can your HCG provider (if you used a good one) and they can usually help you figure it out. 

10.Cheating (Again…Yes It Can Completely Sabotage the VLCD).

If you cheat, you will still probably lose something, but you will just be hurting yourself as you could be losing SO much more. And, you’re already putting yourself through this crazy diet. So, why not just do it right for 20-30 days, lose the weight, and get on with your life? It’s your decision, but I hope you’ll choose to follow the program, lose the weight, and feel strong and healthy again.

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