5 Q & A

1. What is HCG and how does it work?
The hCG drops / tablets  are normally used in women to produce a hormone to support hormone deficiencies. HCG is known to suppress hunger and when used in conjunction with a 500 calorie diet it turns into a fat burning mechanism inside the body, without any deterioration of muscle.

2. Is HCG safe?
HCG is extremely safe. There are no known side effects. However, everybody reacts differently to homoeopathic treatment. Because this diet acts as a deep cleanse to your system – no junk food, only healthy, clean foods, it is similar to a detox on your body. Some people with sensitive systems may find that their bodies are sending out odd signals in the process of cleansing itself. It is possible that eczema may occur, sinuses temporarily block up or experiencing headaches and unusual fatigue.
From a natural health perspective, these are all considered “good signs” that the body is becoming stronger and healthier.

3. If HCG works so well for weight loss, why don't pregnant women lose weight?
Because HCG mobilizes fat to be used in other parts of the body where needed during pregnancy. When a woman is pregnant they also sustain a high calorie diet in most cases.
HCG only works for weight loss in conjunction with the 500 calorie diet.

4. Will my metabolism slow down if I'm on a very low calorie diet?When calories are cut back significantly the body will store the fat and then the metabolism will lower. As a result the fat is then used as energy and burned out of our system when the energy is exhausted. It is quite a natural process and has no negative effect to the body.

5. Wouldn't I lose the same amount of weight eating a very low calorie diet without HCG?
Typically yes you could, however our hCG Weight Loss Drops / Tablets support the strength of muscle tissue while your body intakes 500 calories per day. In normal circumstances the muscle would go first then the fat would follow when going on a low calorie.
Our homoeopathic drops / tablets  helps to produce hormones to sustain muscle and use the fat as energy instead. A low calorie diet without our products would result in making it easier to gain the weight back rather than sustaining it.

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