Safely and effectively lose weight and centimetres, reshape your body, and maintain your weight.

At hCG Weight Loss Products SA, we start with the knowledge that excess fat/obesity is a disorder due to an abnormal functioning of some part o...
f the body, which creates abnormal fat cells, causing a person to be overweight.

We offer the HCG Weight Loss Program which is comprised of a specific very low carbohydrate diet in conjunction with the HCG treatment. The hCG Weight Loss Program is a complete program that targets your abnormal fat cells.

HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) is a naturally occurring protein-based hormone, that affects the part of the brain (hypothalamus) that is responsible for regulating hunger or eating behaviours.

Using hCG is unlike other weight management programs because it focuses on your abnormal fat cells. Other diets and weight loss programs focus on reducing calories, which burns normal reserve fats and structural fat cells (both of these fats are necessary and are not the fat cell types that cause obesity). When on calorie-focused diets, a person often feels exhausted, loses fat in the wrong places and depletes valuable nutrients. Because HCG burns abnormal fat cells deposited in specific target areas (belly, thigh, arm), you lose weight and centimetres in targeted areas while reshaping your body.

The hCG Weight Loss Program is so successful because the calorie- restricted diet along with the HCG hormone treatment burns your body's excess abnormal fat reserves, re-sets your metabolism and re-programs your body to use stored fat for energy! Using stored fat for energy keeps you from regaining the kilos you have lost and helps you maintain your ideal weight. As you maintain your weight, you prevent chronic diseases of obesity (high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes and others) and promote balanced health throughout your lifetime.

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