Facts about the hCG Diet and It's Implementation

Lately, the fuss and words about the hCG diet is getting more and more popular. More people are becoming interested in this kind of diet because not only does it sound very promising and great, it is also backed up and supported by well known health experts. Even well known doctor like Dr. Oz mentioned that this kind of dieting program is very good and should deliver perfect results.

Of course, there are more facts and insight about this so called hCG diet. HCG itself is the short for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, which is a special hormone that is claimed to be responsible for the improved health and fitness level. Not only does this hormone help you improve your health, it can also help you lose weight naturally, healthily, and efficiently. Most people who have tried this method mostly give positive comments and reviews about the efficiency of the solution.

The hCG solution targets on specific abnormal fat deposits that won’t affect the condition of your body and your system. You may not know this, but there are 3 types of fat that can be found inside the body.
- The structural fat. It is located between the organs and the skin and it is very important to protect the body.
- The normal fat. It is the fat deposit that will provide supply of energy to the body so it can be turned into energy.
- The abnormal fat. It is the excessive fat deposit that can be found around waist, buttocks, thighs, and hips. This kind of fat deposit won’t be needed by the body. This is the type of fat that will be the hCG target and will be destroyed by the contents.

When you are participating in the hCG diet, there are 3 different stages that you will need to take:

- The first stage. You will have to eat as much (fatty foods) as you want for the fat reserve build up purpose for 2 days. You will also start consuming the hCG product.

- The second stage. You will only consume about 500 calories for the next 30 days to 40 days. You can consume fruits, veggies, and meals consisting of protein. You will also have to consume the hCG solution.

- The third stage. Maintenance. In this stage, you will have to start a new life style. In this stage, you need to limit or even eliminate the consumption of sugar and starches.

There are also loads of benefits that you can get from participating in this hCG diet, such as:

- Your testosterone level won’t be decreasing at all and this is  certainly good for your health.
- Your metabolism is increasing and your energy level is improving.
- Your fat deposit will be decreasing and you will have a better body shape and figure.
- The body always gets enough supply of energy so you won’t experience starving or weakness from your dieting program.
- The program helps you to lose weight in the most natural way.
- You won’t have to suffer from any side effects or health risks.

With this dieting program, know for sure that you can always achieve the results you want. After all, this is the best solution that you can get!

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