Calling all hCG' ers : This is exciting!

Calling all hCG Weight Loss Products SA clients! This is exciting!

If you have purchased from hCG Weight Loss Products SA OR you are currently following the hCG Weight Loss Program, we would like to invite you to share your success story with us.

SO...What’s the catch?

In exchange for your success story, we will offer you a special discount for a friend or family member!

Share your Story: Inspire us and others!

People often mention how our products have changed their lives. As an organization and a community, we cherish the wonderful stories behind these powerful statements:

 “I feel AMAZING!! I have more energy... My skin is glowing... For the first time in a very very long time, I feel sexy again!!!

"I did it!"

"I'm happy to say I'm an hCG diet success story. Today I lost another 0.680grams."

We invite you to share your success story and tell us how hCG Weight Loss Products has made a difference in your life!

It is easy to make a story submission. Simply email your story to No story is too big or too small and stories from the heart are the best. Please do not feel the need to be formal or fret over your creative writing abilities. You can include fun stories, memorable moments, how the product(s) has impacted day to day life, benefits and new capabilities, how you got started, successes along the way, etc. All stories are appreciated and welcomed!

If an opportunity to use your story beyond our own team arises, we will contact you and discuss all of the details. Your story could be featured in our newsletter, shared on our website, or blog. Note: We will never publish or share any story information with outside sources without your express written permission.

Submit Your Story
Please email your story to Collecting stories is an ongoing activity so feel free to submit more than one. Optionally, please attach any photos that you wish to include.

So share your success story and inspire us and others!

 hCG Weight Loss Team

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