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1.Does HCG change the shape of your body?
Many of the people following the hCG Weight Loss Products Program help them lose weight and are finding that the product helps with the reshaping of their body’s as well. Unlike many weight loss programs that only help with losing weight, the hCG drops / tablets appears to help contour the body and decrease the circumference of the body. hCG Weight Loss Products also helps tone common problem areas, such as reducing the amount of fat deposited in double chins and getting rid of pot bellies :P hCG Weight Loss Products also appear to help rejuvenate structural fat, which helps make the hands, neck, and face look refreshed!

2.Who should use this HCG Diet?
Anyone frustrated with past diets and is interested in losing more than 8 kilograms safely and economically by eating natural and real food. The treatment works for almost everyone, young, old, male, female. You can use HCG if your BMI value is higher than 20. Always check with your doctor before beginning any new weight loss program.

3.Can I drink alcoholic beverages?
Avoid alcohol, even “low carb” versions, since alcohol adds non-nutritious calories, stimulates your appetite, and can deplete your body of water. Even one drink can slowdown your weight loss.

4.Will the Diet Instructions be included with my order?
Yes! Everything listed below is included in your internet based information pack.

Diet Cycle Explanation
Shopping List
Gorge Days
hCG Meal Plan and Food to eat
hCG Menu Plan and Menus
Apple Day to break Plateau
Steak Day to break Plateau
hCG Recipes (77 pages - It is absolutely worth the wait...) Excel hCG Weight Tracker Is your body weight healthy for your height?
Calculate your BMI (Body Mass Index)
Body Frame Sizes
What is your ideal weight?

5.How long does delivery take?
All orders will be couriered once your payment reflects in our account. We courier out from Monday - Friday. Orders placed on Saturday or Sunday will be sent out the following Monday. You will receive an email with a delivery confirmation & tracking number that will allow you to track your order. Orders in Gauteng will be delivered on the same day or overnight. All orders outside Gauteng usually take 2-4 business days to be delivered.
hCG Weight Loss Products Team

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