Homeopathic HCG Pellets: 5 Factors Why They Are Superior to Drops

HCG Pellets:
New on the Market but Just as Effective!

It is true. I am living proof, that homeopathic hCG produces amazing results in weight loss. It is also t

rue that homeopathic hCG has been found just as effective in weight loss as Dr. Simeon's original protocol using hCG injections. The latest product on the market is Homeopathic pellets.

Now anyone that is familiar with homeopathy has used pellets or tablets and had success in their healing abilities but is this also true for homeopathic hCG? While administering round one of homeopathic hCG I joined the many and took hCG drops. After success with completing phase three I decided to complete a second round.

When it came time to select the homeopathic hCG product I would use for round two I was intrigued with the option of Homeopathic hCG Pellets. The following are the benefits I discovered which prompted my decision to use hCG Pellets for my second homeopathic hCG round:

Homeopathic hCG Pellet Factor #1 - Each bottle contains 360 pellets. Administering the pellets 3 at a time three times a day means the bottle will last for exactly 40 days. Unlike drops which cannot be taken this exactly, the hCG participant is left with days in their hCG round without hCG drops left in their bottle.

Homeopathic hCG Pellet Factor #2 - For many dieters, homeopathic hCG drops, and the alcohol they contain, are not desirable. Homeopathic hCG pellets are effective without the use of alcohol.

Homeopathic hCG Pellet Factor #3 - Managing an active life style is easier with a bottle of pellets rather than a bottle of drops because of the ease of depositing under the tongue. You can speak with pellets in your mouth. This is not always true with drops under your tongue.

Homeopathic hCG Pellet Factor #4 - Homeopathic hCG pellets have a more uniform means of absorption. While they may take longer to dissolve under the tongue you also are assured that 100% of the hCG has been absorbed.

Homeopathic hCG Pellet Factor #5 - Homeopathic hCG pellets are the newest form of homeopathic hCG on the market and are the latest new improved formula for hCG weight loss success.

One thing is for sure that the homoeopathic version of the hCG protocol truly works for quick sustainable weight loss. Whether you choose hCG drops or hCG pellets you will be amazed at the quick weight loss results. I used hCG drops for my first round and hCG pellets for my second round. I achieved great results with both.

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