Why is there no taste to the HCG Drops???

Over the years we have received a lot of great feedback from our customer, allowing us to perfect our formula. We’re proud to be the first to come out with a tasteless formula without diminishing any amount of HCG in each bottle.

If you have purchased from us before you may have remembered a metallic type of taste within our formula. As a company we decided that it would be more pleasant to eliminate any taste within the formula so that it wouldn’t diminish the overall experience.

We’ve lowered the amount of citric acid within the formula and this is great news for two reasons:
1) it eliminated the unpleasant taste, 2) it now means you have more active ingredients to fill in the gap, including HCG to have the highest potency available on the internet, 100% professional grade!

The taste now replicates and is similar to a mineral water flavor so now it is no longer drowned out by the overbearing taste of citric acid and we continue to never put any alcohol in our formula.

In fact, our drops are prepared in an FDA registered facility and include the highest amount of 100% pure HCG permitted without a prescription. Further, we include B12 supplement to help with energy while on the diet.

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