What can you do if you are hungry on the HCG diet?

Recently we’ve gotten quite a few phone calls asking what to do if you are hungry while on the weight loss phase (Phase 2) of the HCG diet. We did a little research into this as we didn’t experience any hunger while we were on the diet protocol.

When I first read about the HCG diet protocol I thought I would experience extreme hunger pains. After all, you are only eating 500 calories! But the HCG hormone boosts your metabolism so that you are not only NOT hungry there are times when I found myself having to practically choke down my apple or “remember” to eat my chicken and cucumbers! So let me give you a few helpful hints on what things may cause you to be hungry on the HCG diet and what you can do about it if you are.

One of the reasons you may be experiencing hunger is that you didn’t load properly. The first two days of the HCG diet protocol are loading days. You were to eat as much high fat foods as possible. This was extremely important as it was preparing your body for the very low calorie portion of the diet. If you didn’t load properly you may experience hunger for up to 4 – 5 days. Stick to the HCG diet! Drink plenty of water.

Another reason for you may be overly hungry is because you have reached what Dr Simeons calls “Immunity.” Basically your body learns how to breakdown and eliminate the HCG Hormone very rapidly. Or, you might be nearing your goal weight and your body simply doesn’t have enough abnormal weight left to burn off. Your body maybe have reached a new metabolic set point with your weight. If you feel you have reached immunity you should wean off the diet and go to Phase 3.

So, what can you do if you are hungry on HCG diet? Drinking lots of water throughout the day will really help. There are some great herbal teas that can help as well and make you feel full.

Try spacing your meals out. Eat a piece of fruit early in the day. Protein and vegetable for lunch, protein and vegetable for dinner, and a fruit for an evening snack. Again, lots of water and tea in between. Another trick is to easy some extra vegetables. Dr Simeons didn’t put a real limit on vegetables so if you wanted to add some extra cabbage to your entree that shouldn’t take you over the 500 calorie limit.

Try to determine if you are experiencing real hunger or a food craving. The results of this diet when followed correctly are pretty amazing so stick it out!

Best of luck to all of you!!

hCG Weight Loss Products Team

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