Benefits Of HCG Pellets

An alternative to HCG drops and HCG injections for use in a diet protocol is HCG Weight Loss Pearl Tablets/ Pellets. It works the same way as the other two methods, but it is more convenient for those not wanting to take extra time to measure out drops in a mirror under the tongue or mix ingredients together. HCG pellets come in a 60ml bottle with 360 pellets inside. They are extremely easy to take by measuring out 3 pellets in the cap and then placing them under your tongue three times a day. HCG pellets are beneficial because they are painless (unlike hcg injections) and do not have any side effects. Many reviews of h pellets have come back very positive for the following reasons:

HCG pellets are portable easy to use and absorb quickly under your tongue. They have a sweet taste compared to the HCG Weight Loss Drops. This is mainly due to the fact that they are in a glycerin base to help preserve them. The glycerin acts in the same way that the alcohol works. It opens the pores under your tongue so that the HCG can be absorbed into your blood stream. When taking the drops many people have complained about it tasting bad, but with the pellets worries can be put aside. HCG pellets are usually not affected by heat as the drops or injections are. However, if you decide to open them and not use them right away it is highly recommended you store them in the refrigerator. They will keep their potency for at least 3-6 months. HCG plus Pellets ingredients are similar to the HCG plus drops however they include a little bit more because they are in pellet form. The main ingredients include an added non-stimulant appetite suppressant, pituitary support, thyroid support, amino acids with a mild diuretic.

In order to lose between 10 and 19kg's it is recommended to start a 43 day HCG diet protocol. Most people when they hear about the HCG diet protocol don’t understand that they will need to be on a 500 calorie diet in combination with taking any form of HCG whether it is drops, injections or pellets. The 500 calorie diet is what causes the weight loss.

The HCG pellets with its added ingredients help people stick to the 500 calorie diet without fail as long as they are following the protocol correctly. Many people think that the HCG pellets alone will cause them to lose weight, but this is false information. If you were to take the HCG pellets and not follow the 500 calorie diet you would actually put on more weight.

Many people that are obese have a hard enough time as is trying to lose weight. With their extra kilos it is hard to move, hard to breath, hard to work out, etc. With the hCG Weight Loss Program protocol, obese people are able to drop weight without exercising. All they need to do is alter the way that they are eating. The hCG Weight Loss Program protocol helps introduce clean healthy eating while not experiencing much hunger. This is due to the hCG pellets with an added non-stimulant appetite suppressant among other ingredients that are very beneficial to total weight loss results. Anyone that decides to go on a 500 calorie diet without the aid of hCG pellets would fail more easily because their hunger pains would become extremely painful. With the help of the hCG pellets people succeed on the hCG diet protocol of a caloric intake of 500.
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