#1 Reason For Failure of the HCG Diet Plan

The Number One reason the HCG Diet Plan has failed most clients is….drum roll, please…because these folks interrupt the plan; often discontinuing the HCG drops and the diet in a week or two after starting. Incredibly, this is often in spite of the fact they may have lost 3-5kilos in their first week! 
The most common reasons for interrupting the protocol usually fall into one of two categories:
  • The person desired to lose only 5kilos, and used HCG as a quick fix but forgetting to finish the protocol
  • The person loses their motivation or simply tired of the regiment after a few days—and stopping just short of 7, 9or 18 kilos they intended to lose even though it is obvious the HCG diet plan is working
In both cases, these folks may return to the previous diets and lifestyles that created the original overweight situation resulting in dismay to see the weight return very quickly.
Even in cases where his patient may have reached a reduction of 50kg's or more, clinical researcher, Dr. ATW Simeons prescribed the use of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) for the full 21 days. In his manuscript, Pounds and Inches Dr. Simeons explained that the lasting effect of HCG seems to require about three (3) weeks of continued use even though the los calorie diet has been abandoned.

As you may recall, HCG helps to “re-set” the hypothalamus gland which controls hunger metabolism and fat storage. Apparently, several days or a week, alone, is not enough time for HCG to work its magic. Without the hunger and fat storage controls being re-set, it is no wonder that the weight lost in the first few days of the diet plan are quickly regained without properly following protocol. For this reason, we suggest following Dr. Simeons’ example of continuing the use of the HCG for 21 days once you have started the program.
We also recognize the fact that sometimes Life simply gets in the way of your success with the HCG Weight Loss Plan. Stuff happens. For this reason, we advise our new clients to consult a calendar before starting the HCG protocol. Block out a three week period when it is most convenient for you and when you know you can stay focused and on plan. It is better to plan starting the weight loss plan with a block of 21 days that does not include holidays, vacation and travel days, or expected stressful days in the office. Or, perhaps use a holiday to your advantage such as one of our clients, Mikey M., who timed his first two days, or “Gorge Days”, to coincide with the Easter holiday weekend.
We don’t recommend using the HCG Weight Loss Protocol as a “quick fix”. The protocol is intended to work in harmony with your body to establish and maintain a healthy body weight for the long term. Resorting to “yo-yo” dieting only shocks the body and is an inadequate way to compensate for faulty eating habits and lifestyles. Going the full course is the only way to changing your body and changing your life.
To reap the full benefits of the HCG Weight Loss Plan, it is essential that you follow—at a minimum—the protocol as designed by Dr. Simeons in order that you may:
  •  Lose the maximum amount of weight in the shortest time
  •  KEEP THE WEIGHT OFF long after the last of the HCG drops have been used.
While this is a minimum of nine (9) weeks, it should be noted that the protocol actually becomes simpler and easier with the progression of each week. Without including the 21-day Phase 1, or detoxification phase, of the protocol which is an optional phase, the entire protocol looks like this:

21 days
HCG drops in combination with low calorie diet
To maximize loss in weight and inches
21 days
No HCG; any food with the exception of sugar and starch
To “re-set” the body’s weight point for new weight range
21 days
No HCG; slowly introduce sugar and starch
To “lock-in the body’s new weight point

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