Celebrities Turning To The HCG Diet As A Weight Loss Solution


Some notable celebrities in Canada and the United States have recently admitted to using the hcg diet to lose large amounts of weight. “JWOW” from the TV show “The Jersey Shore” recently admitted she lost weight by using the HCG diet. Fellow star, “Snooki” also came out saying she used the HCG diet to lose an astounding 32kilos in only three months. Snooki also cut down her size from a size 8 to a size 2, which is an equally impressive feat.

Rumors have also speculated that Britney Spears used the HCG diet. While she personally did not admit to using it, a few sources close to her have gone public that she did use the hcg diet to trim down 12kilos in a month to get her young, sexy look that she had just a few years ago.

None of these three stories even come close to
Mark Donnelly’s story. After trying numerous other diet programs and seeing no results, the Vancouver Canucks national anthem singer decided to try the HCG diet. He recently was interviewed by the Vancouver Sun and came out saying he lost an amazing 78kilos in just six months.

In total, Donnelly lost 40% of his starting weight and only has about 7kilos to reach his target weight. He attributes the immediate weight loss results as one of the key reasons that the HCG diet is easy to follow for so long. In fact, Donnelly lost 15kilos in his first month. His story is one of the most inspiration hcg weight loss stories that have gotten media attention.
Read more about Mark Donnelly's success: http://markdonnelly.ca/index.htm

Britney Spears
The hCG Diet is gaining popularity due to the reported use of diet by celebrities who need to lose a lot of weight quickly and safely.

 As more concerns and worries about the adverse effects that weight loss surgeries have, celebrities are turning to the hCG Diet.
The recent star JWoww from the hit MTV show “Jersey Shore” has revealed that the hCG Diet is the method she used to get in shape when she hit it big in Hollywood.
It is also rumored that the hCG Diet is responsible for Britney Spears new body that allowed her to make her big comeback.
When we asked Jeanie Marcelino of Suddenly Slimmer Medical Spa if they ever work with celebrities she stated “Oh sure. We get some big names coming in and doing the hCG Diet program through Suddenly Slimmer Medical Spa because it’s the hot thing right now in Hollywood.”

When we asked if she would spill the beans on who the celebrities were she declined by saying, “I wish I could but my customer’s privacy is really important to us and we want anyone who does business with us to feel safe and secure.”

When asked if the hCG Diet was just another Hollywood fad diet Jeanie said, “Oh no. It’s been around for almost 60 years and will be around for decades to come. That’s why we don’t focus too much on what celebrities are doing and just focus on getting our clients the weight loss results they’re looking for.”

So it looks like a few in Hollywood have exposed this effective underground diet but who knows how many other celebrities are using this weight loss secret.

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