7 Signs You’re a Compulsive Eater …

We tend to throw the term compulsive eating around a lot. You know: ‘Oh, I just can’t look at cupcakes without having one, I’m SUCH a compulsive eater’ … that kind of thing. But, ladies, compulsive eating is actually a serious disorder. It’s up there with anorexia and bulimia nervosa, and can result in profound health problems. I’ve done some research and put together a list of 7 signs of compulsive eating. Check them out, girls; if more than a couple of these looks too familiar, it might be time to reassess your eating habits.
1. Regular Binging
Ladies, I’m not talking about the odd slab of Dairy Milk every once in a while. Binging refers only to a major intake of calories – that means slab after slab of chocolate, family size
bags of crisps, whole loaves of bread at a time … you get the idea. If you often find yourself stuffing your face in a frenzied way, chances are you have a problem that needs attention.

2. Feelings of Distress Caused by Overeating
Again, girls, I’m talking real distress here. Not that feeling of guilt you get after you allow yourself two mugs of hot chocolate and not one. If your eating habits often leave you with sensations of self-loathing and depression, you should certainly talk to a professional about them

3. Obsessive Thinking and Talking about Food
Do you often find yourself steering the conversation towards food-related issues? Do you spend long
periods of time examining your body or, worse, hiding from mirrors? This is not healthy behavior ladies, and it’s packed with the classic symptoms of a compulsive eating disorder.

4. Sudden Weight Gain
We all put on couple of pounds every now and again, and when life takes a busier turn we tend to lose them. Compulsive eaters are prone to
period of starvation followed by bouts of binge eating, however, and this kind of behavior cause rapid weight gain.

5. Eating Past Full
Our bodies tell us when we’re satisfied girls, but compulsive eaters tend to disregard these limits. If you often find yourself eating until you’re uncomfortably full, chances are you’re dietry habits aren’t the healthiest. Approach your meal slowly and allow time between each mouthful; this way you’ll be able to listen to the messages your body is sending you and obey them.
6. Skipping Meals
Compulsive eaters often miss out important meals, in particular breakfast. This ties in with the starvation-binge behavior, and tends to lead to overeating. Approaching a mealtime on an absolutely empty stomach often causes us to pig out, and leaves us feeling weak, lethargic and
bloated afterwards.

7. Eating Even When You’re Not Hungry
This is perhaps the most common symptom of compulsive eating, and ladies, I suspect it’s true of almost all of us. Eating to satisfy cravings rather than real hunger can quickly lead on to binge behavior. Munching on the chocolate just because you feel like it is fine, girls, don’t get me wrong. But eating solidly throughout the day is a totally different story.

So there we are, girls: 7 signs of compulsive eating. What do you think? Do you have anything to add? Let me know

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